Jasur Hasanov

Building an Innovation Legacy: One Startup at a time!


Video interviews
  • Akinchi TV: “Essentials of building a new venture” – (Dec, 2019)
  • MAG TV / ITV: “Why to become an entrepreneur? Is it for everyone?” – (Sep, 2019)
  • Voice of America: “Path to Global Startup Community” on Sil. – (July, 2019)
  • Baku TV: “Entrepreneurship ecosystem & my journey” – (April, 2019)
  • Toplum TV: “The Man who fine-tunes ideas! (İdeya kökləyən adam)” – (August, 2017, By Sayyara Mammadova)


Magazines & News
  • Oxu.az: “We work on building the first Azerbaijan’s unicorn” on Sil.– (May, 2019, By Nazrin Hasanova)
  • Georgia Today: “Sil. Entering Georgian Market – Keen for Local Partnerships” on Sil.– (Feb, 2019, By Samantha Guthrie)
  • Singapore Magazine: “The Joy of Giving” on BeBonobo – (March, 2017, By Sasha Gonzales)


Other TV appearances
  • ITV: “Yeni Gün – International ClimateLaunchpad program in Azerbaijan” on Sil. – (Aug, 2017)
  • AZTV: “Yeni Gün – ClimateLaunchpad program in Azerbaijan” on Sil. – (August, 2017)